VPN’s – A must for any security concious minded individual.


I assume you are here to read about how-to remain relatively “hidden” and “anonymous”, whether your a seasoned hacker (in which this guide may be of no use- but might freshen your knowledge on things up a bit) or a novice user concerned with the ever watch-ful eye of some intrusive government agencies. Let me start out by stating – any and I mean ANY VPN provider who operates within the jurisdiction of the United States can NOT have its security 100% secure. No provider will tell you otherwise, due to the laws in place a U.S Based VPN provider CAN NOT provide 100% anonymity.  With that said I will explain to you what exactly is a VPN – where you can find a VPN provider and what programs are often used in conjunction with VPNs.

First off all what is a VPN?

Answer: A VPN is a “Virtual Private Network” which consists of a high layer of security (128-256 bit encryption) like banks use for online banking. It is basically a tunnel that encrypts data from point A to point B via encapsulation. Think of a concrete tunnel – be very hard to intercept data packets as they flow through.

Why are VPN’s useful?

VPN’s are useful for a variety of reasons , maybe you live in a country where the government is strict and freedom of speech can land you incarcerated or worse. They are useful as they allow a end-user to effectively “cover there tracks” by re-routing traffic from other servers out of said country. Think of Iran where speaking out against the rulers can result in death or imprisonment. VPNs are perfect for this scenario. They effectively prevent “snooping” by other users (Hackers and internet service providers) by encrypting a 2-way tunnel from your location to a far off country of your choosing.
How do I know what VPN’s to use?

First of all you need to be aware of the company and if it keeps “logs” of a users activity on the net. Although its hard to be sure if a company is keeping logs or not , generally 95% claim to not “keep logs” but you really need to be sure of this. There are many international VPN providers that offer services without logging and due to the high level encryption , by the time a hacker(or anyone) wants to snoop on your traffic they are effectively BLOCKED from doing so , and say if someone does manage to break the encryption or intercept your logs, you are long gone and perhaps on another server.

What VPNs do you recommend?

I am not endorsed by any company so I will just give you some information on how to choose a provider.

  • -Make sure it is not based in the country you reside in
  • – Remember N-O company can guarantee your security for residents within the United States. There fore for anyone residing in the US look elsewhere for VPN providers
  • -Make sure the VPN provider does NOT keep logs of its users for greater anonymity
  • -Perform a simple google search on VPN providers & how they relate to others
  • Security is best maintained in layers , which will be discussed at a later date (Proxie-chaining/TOR etc)

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions drop me a line


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